The Value of an Agent Delivery System

by John Beavin In 2012, Kentucky Farm Bureau faced some of the most daunting challenges that our company has ever faced. In a year where the company had not one, but two 100 million dollar claim events, the company’s surplus actually increased by the end of the year to top $900 million. For some, 2012 […]

Validating Agent Perspective

by Willie Colston My name is Willie Colston and I am an agent in the Lyndon office of Jefferson Co. I wanted to write about my journey a little bit to encourage any validating agents or agents just coming off validation. I am finishing up my last month of validation and I’m excited about what […]

Agency Perspective by Michael Davis

Rip off the mirror and keep driving Kentucky Farm Bureau has spent a lot of time and effort to explain to all of us how the actions of our past have us where we are today. Yes, I get it. I suppose it’s the thought that if we do not remember our past we are […]

Out of County Business: Problems or Partnership?

by Danny J Luttrell Since I started with Farm Bureau in 1988, it seems that “out of county” business has always been a hot topic of discussion among the agency force. I have seen some agents get so angry in various meetings when discussing problems with out of county business, that I was afraid they would […]

Agency Perspective by Bryan Carroll

To be Preferred or Profitable? That is the question. If you can believe it, I am thinking about profitability. We are looking to increase revenue, a simple idea. Everyone has a few clients on the books that deal in rental property. The majority of the properties do not look like the preferred risk property we […]

Teamwork: Helpful Tips For Assisting Adjusters

by George Bates Our “titles” are spelled differently but we all have the same job of “serving the member.” In the spirit of teamwork, I offer the following; As agents, you are almost always the first person to become aware of the claim and gather very valuable information at FNOL. One good reminder for all of […]