Agency Perspective by Michael Davis

Rip off the mirror and keep driving

Kentucky Farm Bureau has spent a lot of time and effort to explain to all of us how the actions of our past have us where we are today. Yes, I get it. I suppose it’s the thought that if we do not remember our past we are doomed to relive it. To quote my old Navy Commander Julien (FIDO). Forget it drive on.

As a 15 year manager with Kentucky Farm Bureau, like many of you I have experienced a lot of changes with our company. The thing I find most interesting is how little I have changed the way I do business. Good business principles do not change. When I looked at risk 15 years ago I asked myself the same question I ask today. Is this a good or bad risk? This decision has to be made analytically and not emotionally. In other words, you need to look at the facts, condition of property, loss history, payment history etc. What you guard against is the emotional side, for example, he is a good guy, I know his Dad, He just has had a little bad luck, I need a bigger commission check, I need to win a contest, etc.

It is time for everyone to step up to the plate and do their very best. Perhaps if we do that, in a few years looking into that rearview mirror will be something we will enjoy and not try to rip off the car.


  1. John Beavin, LUTCF says

    Mike, I think this is a great perspective. No matter what the environment is, I feel like good business is still good, and you cannot collect enough premium for a bad risk. That is what I was taught and trained by my AM, and this is the way I think most of our agents have to been taught over the years. Keep doing business the right way, and everything will take care of itself.

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