Membership Benefits

The Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance Agents Association (KFBIAA) is an exclusive, member driven organization that promotes and encourages professional development through communications and education among local Kentucky Farm Bureau insurance agents. Our main mission is to meet the needs and business interests of our agents as well as before Kentucky Farm Bureau, government and the public, consistent with the best interests of Kentucky’s insurance buying public.

KFBIAA members belong to an exclusive network of committed, career oriented KFB agents. The agents you’ll meet here provide valuable professional connections that can help you access expert advice and information, to learn better ways of doing business and even to advance in your career. As a member you won’t have to “reinvent the wheel”, as you’ll have peers in the association who can help you with solutions they’ve already discovered. You can also find answers simply by talking with other members at association functions, by picking up the phone or by interacting with them on the “members only” pages of this website.

And if you see something that you believe needs changed, or know of a better insurance product that could be added to your inventory, you’ll have a forum for advocating change. Be certain that there are others who may feel the same way as you, and together you can unite and collaborate on important issues. Your combined voices can make a difference.

KFBIAA is proud of the value it delivers to you as a member, and treats every dollar you pay in dues as an investment in your future. Just like the Kentucky Farm Bureau – We’re BIG on commitment!

Join KFBIAA today. To be eligible you must be a KFB insurance agent in good standing.

For assistance or for more information, please contact your district president by clicking here.