Meeting Notes- AM Greg Beavin

by Greg Beavin The following presentation was made at the management meeting held on July 31 in Louisville. Those in attendance were all agency managers from across the state, company management, and the Executive Committee of Kentucky Farm Bureau and other invited guest. Brad Smith, Executive Vice President & CEO, had invited me to address the group […]

“Purchasing Efficiency” (To gain most value results)

by Leon Mayo Advertisement: Advertising on items: I recommend items that aren’t quickly consumed or used up. Quickly-consumed examples are ink pens (plus the low/medium quality pens may leak on clothing). Long lasting examples are rulers, yardsticks, jar lid openers, etc. Even calendars last for only one year. These advertising items are useful and appreciated. […]

Validating Agent View Point

TO: Agency Force FROM: A Validating Agent When I originally came to KY Farm Bureau three and a half years ago, I had worked for a few insurance companies previously, and was very disappointed in how they treated their customers, employees and agents. To me, KY Farm Bureau represented a company with morals that would […]

President’s Report for July

The Insurance Board for KY Farm Bureau met on July 14. After preliminaries were taken care of, main topics were discussed. As of July 2012: 1. It looks as if the mandatory wind/hail deductible is dead. a. The 1% wind/hail can still be used if requested by agent or client. 2. Appears all roofs, as […]

Congratulations to One of Our Own

One of our own Association Members has been in the news recently, and we couldn’t be prouder. Bob Webster, KFB agent in the Independence — Kenton County office, does more than write policies for his clients. In fact, he’s just written and published a book on some local history, The Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire. The Untold […]

KFBIAA President Mickey Sirls

I’m Mickey Sirls, President of KFBIAA, and this is an historic post.  It’s the first time I have been able to let every member that is interested see what is going on. This month’s theme is:  “What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.” The May Insurance Board Meeting was dominated by the changes in […]