Making the Sales Process Easy

by Roger L Campbell

After winning 29 consecutive round table trips, I have found a few key ingredients to help move the sales process forward.

After short cordial greeting exchanges with a qualified prospect, I have the opportunity to establish myself and the company’s stability in the community. By doing so early in the meeting, clients realize that this meeting is serious and about their family and them being a member of our Farm Bureau Family.

I begin the sales process by explaining that I am about to give them Four Big Reasons they are going to want to purchase life insurance from our Farm Bureau organization.

1. Financial Stability. I review the latest standard independent report which is not printed by us but by an organization that reviews company’s financials, and we have over $118 per hundred of assets for each $100 of liabilities. Not many in the brochure compare to us and if they do they don’t have an agent around here.
2. We are here! We are a bricks and mortar organization here on main street American and we insure and service thousands of families just like you. We are the ones you call when your home burns, roof blows off, or you have an accident. With us, “membership does have its privileges” – price and the internet cannot touch what we have here. I cannot imagine a widow losing someone and calling 1-800-help me, I have lost my spouse or child, and eventually talking to someone that may not even speak English.
3. Accelerated (living benefit) riders included with our policy and it provides a benefit advance should you be certified as terminally ill. This allows two income families to spend time together and avoid financial hardships at the end of life.
4. The fourth and most important reason you will want to purchase from us is the $15,000 next day death benefit advance should you pass away. This applies on any policy in effect over two years and if total coverage is over $30,000.

I usually cite a personal story, when visiting a funeral home recently a grieving family widow grabbed me and said what can I do-the funeral director wants me to leave visitation and go borrow money for this service. I quickly comforted the widow and explained that the death advance check would arrive tomorrow and that I would step in the funeral home office and guarantee they would have their money before service time. Obviously, the widow was certainly glad we were in her hometown and not on an 800 number she saw on T.V.

Insurance reviews with new and your existing clients will uncover many clients that need your services. Never be afraid to ask, especially for a large premium, prospects with a large home have large needs and the budget to pay for life insurance. Good luck and Happy Selling.

Roger Campbell
Agency Manager
Henderson County Farm Bureau

You can also copy and print this below. This is what Roger keeps on his desk. (I also keep this on my desk) – Willie Colston

4 Big Reasons
Reminder for Purchasing From Our Organization

1. Financial Stability

Standard Independent Report Rating $119.49 for every $100.00 of liabilities

2. We are HERE! We are the ones you call when your roof blows off; you have a house fire or a car accident. We are here in your hometown. Price can not overcome our local service.

3. Accelerated (living benefit) Rider

4. $15,000 Next day DEATH benefit advance available on any policy in effect over 2 years and total coverage of at least $30,000.


Roger L Campbell

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