From the Field: District 11 President Danny Luttrell

I’m Danny Luttrell, President of KFBIAA District 11. I began my career with Kentucky Farm Bureau in 1988 as an agent in Bell County, where I had the privilege of working with Joe Steely (retired Bell County agency mgr.) for 14 yrs. After Joe retired in 2002, I was appointed Agency Manager of the Bell County agency. In addition to Joe, I was blessed to have another mentor, my uncle John D Tomlinson, long time Agency Manager in Harlan County, where I was born and raised.

I consider it a tremendous blessing to work with an organization such as Kentucky Farm Bureau. It is truly a unique organization made up of some of the finest people you could ever find anywhere. Having worked for another insurance company for 3 years prior to coming to Farm Bureau, I have a deep appreciation of the open communication between the state office leaders and the agency force. It’s a great feeling to know that we are able to work “side by side” with our company leaders, the claims department and our federation workers for a common goal of providing the best service to our members.

Although I have been a “dues paying” member of the Agent’s Association since I began working with Farm Bureau in 1988, I regret that I have not always been active in the work of the association. Since becoming more involved a few years ago, I have found it to be very rewarding to realize that the association promotes professionalism, open communication with our leaders and fellow agents, as well as providing scholarships for deserving graduates. I would recommend that all agents be active members in the association.


  1. Danny J Luttrell says

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