KFBIAA Convention Award Recipients

The Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance Agents Association would like to recognize the award recipients of the KFBIAA 38th Annual Convention.


David Beck

The KFBIAA Employee of the Year Award was presented to Mr. David Beck.

“I would like for the agents to know how appreciative I am to have received the Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance Agents Association Employee of the Year Award during this year’s annual convention. I was both humbled and honored to be the recipient and as I stated at the podium, I wanted to accept the prestigious award on behalf of all my colleagues over the years, especially my wonderful administrative assistants and staff because they have been the key to anything that I have accomplished. I would add that I have been attending the annual convention for over 25 years and I always appreciate the courtesies extended to Nancy and me every year during the annual convention. It is always a good time to visit with the agents in attendance and I look forward to the opportunity every year.”

Best regards,

David S. Beck
Executive Vice President
Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation

The KFBIAA President’s Award recipients were Darrin Price and Hunter Bowen.


Hunter Bowen

Darrin Price commented:

“I was very surprised about receiving the award from Mickey. Like I said before, I have a great passion for Farm Bureau. It’s a great company and I am very proud to be able to work for such a great company. I have served at the agent’s rep for 10 years and have enjoyed it every minute that I have served the association and the agents. I look forward to keeping active in the association and working in different areas of the association.”

Hunter Bowen commented:

“First of all I want to make it clear that I am blessed to work for the best Insurance Company in the State of Kentucky. I would be remised if I did not tell myself this on a daily basis. With that being said, I am also truly blessed to be working with wonderful fellow agents who make it a practice to strive daily to make a difference in their county and provide the most professional and practical service to their members.

It was a surprise and an honor to receive the President’s Award at this year’s KFBIAA annual convention. Mickey Sirls has been an outstanding president during a very difficult time in KFB history. I was very fortunate to have some candid conversations with Mickey over the last four or five years and I can personally tell every agent that Mickey made every attempt to do what he and the board thought was right for the agents. I truly believe that the agents could not have had a better voice during our company’s time of changes. With that, I appreciate his support and the support of the KFBIAA board and their recognition of my service to this organization.

It was brought up during Mickey’s statement about my background that my so called motto is ‘if you don’t want to know the answer,then don’t ask the question’. I can honestly say that I continue to believe this. The Federation Insurance Board and the Insurance Company have made some very difficult decisions over the last five years and we as agents have had many conversations with our members about the changes in our company. I know that have asked many questions from our representatives on the insurance and federation side and have not liked some of the answers, but I realize that the decisions made were done so for a reason. I think having these conversations is warranted and very healthy for a company like ours. It is also very important to have leadership within our agency force to ask difficult questions and have our concerns and ideas presented to the home office staff and insurance board. I truly believe that Roger Fannin will continue to be that voice and will welcome any and all requests from our agency force.


Darrin Price

KFBIAA is a made up of agents across our state and agents from the east have some concerns that are different from those in the west and vice versa. We must continue to understand that home office decisions and changes affect each of us differently, but as a whole we need to stay united and strive to make the best decisions for us as a whole. Please try and recruit new agents into our association and help us get to 100% participation of agents. The KFBIAA board made a decision to try and get to every district this next year and have a meeting and help keep everyone informed on new developments and changes. We also have this website and I encourage everyone to use this website and the chat forum to ask questions and be active in conversations to help educate one another when we hear or learn something that would be beneficial to the group. Our association is very well respected and received by our partners on the insurance and federation side of Kentucky Farm Bureau. Please help us grow and show a unified effort in our attempt to serve our members and help protect our concerns as agents.


  1. John Beavin, LUTCF says

    Three outstanding receipiants of our Association’s annual honors! Crongrats to all.

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