From the Field: District 4 President Hunter Bowen

I’m Hunter Bowen, KFB Agent in Simpson County and President of District 4, which represents Allen, Barren, Green, Logan, Metcalfe, Monroe, Simpson and Warren Counties.

The insurance business has become a very turbulent ride.  With Mother Nature making things very difficult in the State of Kentucky, insurance companies are being forced to make quick and difficult decisions.  KFBIAA helps ensure that our agents have a seat at the table as changes are being proposed.  Some of these changes will be very good and easy to deal with; however, there will be some changes that will not be welcomed by our agent staff.  In all cases, it is very important that our agent force is on the same page and that we show a form of unity when difficult subjects are being discussed. It is also important that we are welcomed to voice our opinions.

As for the forum site, I truly believe that making sure that it is constantly being updated is vital.  The KFBIAA does not want to start this site and then just let it sit idle.  Good communication has been a problem, and with this new venture I think we can make a difference, while picking up new and energized members.

Thanks for the work on this.

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